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mTranslator is a unique tool for managing translations for all kinds of websites and applications. With mTranslator both developers and translators can work together in a web based system to produce fast results with full control of the whole process.

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Get full control of your translations with mTranslator

What can mTranslator do for you?

Are you still using text files or Word documents to manage your translations? Are you getting tired of not knowing which texts are up-to-date and which are not? Then its time to get organized. mTranslator is a powerful tool for managing translations and translation projects. In a matter of minutes you can have your own translation system up and running and get full control of your translations.

mTranslator is a tool designed to fit both translators and software/web developers. As a translator it's very easy to keep track of what texts needs to be updated with the self-updating To-do list. As a software/web developer you will find it easy to export the translations into any text-based format. It is also easy to assign and manage your translators.

It is totally free to use mTranslator an account and to set up as many projects as you like.

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