mTranslator Translation Tool

mTranslator Translation Tool

mTranslator is a unique online translation management tool that gives you full control of your translations. mTranslator can be used for all kinds of applications that utilize text based language files.

mTranslator was born out of the need to manage translations in large scale projects with multiple languages and dialects with a large number of translators.

mTranslator is easy to use and enables you to produce fast results. In a couple of easy steps you set up the languages you want to work with, import your existing translations or enter new texts. Set up translator accounts, assign one or more languages to each translator and your new translation system is ready to go.

Key Features

Makes complexity manageable
Organize your texts in folders and subfolders to make even the largest projects manageable.
mTranslator automatically compiles a "to do" list for each translation with the new and updated texts that needs to be translated. Any language can be set as source or target.
Get control of your translators
mTranslator makes it easy to manage your translators. In a couple of easy steps you can create accounts for your translators and assign languages to each individual. You can also define a base language for each translator meaning that one translator could translate from for example English to German while another translates from German to Spanish.
Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
mTranslator has a streamlined and easy-to-use interface, carefully designed to make your work as effective as possible.
Export to any text based format
mTranslator can export your translations to any text based format of your choice. With the built-in export format editor you can define your own export formats. You can export your translations directly to a FTP account or to a downloadable ZIP file.
Import existing translations
With the mTranslator's Import Guide you can easily import existing translations via CSV (Comma Separated Value file format).
International characters
mTranslator can handle all international characters and languages using the UTF8 encoding standard. Languages such as Chinese and Arabic are no match for mTranslator. mTranslator supports both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encoding standards.

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It is totally free to use mTranslator and to set up as many projects and languages as you like.

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